Heart Health Testimonial from III-A Member

Our health is controlled by a combination of two factors: Genetics and healthcare/lifestyle choices. We can’t control or change genetics, but we can manage the latter. As far as genetics goes, I encourage all to become familiar with your family history and share this as part of your medical history with your physician. My second point concerns listening to your body, paying attention to possible yellow or red flags of symptoms and signs. Then be very honest and timely with your doctor.

Sharing the details of what had been a rough summer of physical symptoms with my cardiologist during a regularly scheduled annual examination led to wise testing and diagnosis of my condition.  Skillful surgical intervention averted further problems and possible disability or death. I give many thanks to my physicians and to III-A for having both my heart and my “back” in handling all the scheduling, authorizations necessary, and reimbursement worries that come from a major medical event. My recovery will obviously be less stressful now knowing I have their support.

Todd Thomas
III-A Member
Preston City Council Member