Self Funding Controls Costs

We control costs for our Agencies by self-funding our benefit plans. Participation in our self-funded Trust represents a meaningful opportunity for reducing and stabilizing the cost of employee benefits:

  • True Cost Rates means contributions paid in excess of actual expenses become reserves used to reduce future rate increases, not insurance company profits.
  • Spreading the Risk means claim expenses are shared among our agencies. This protects individual agencies from budget busting rate increases when that unexpected, catastrophic claim hits.
  • Transparent Contracts guarantee quality services, competitive pricing, and performance accountability.
  • Strength in Numbers have proven successful in reducing renewal rates.
  • Innovative Benefits have resulted in cost savings. The best way to retain excellent employees is to provide the best benefits available. The Trust has developed unique and comprehensive benefit plans.

Our Enhanced, Progressive Benefits Distinguish the III-A:

  • 6 Standard medical plans available – with the option to add a vision and/or dental plan
  • 3 First Responder medical plans available – with enhanced benefits for Idaho’s First Responders
  • Annual onsite wellness screening & flu shot clinic – provided by a Nurse Practitioner
  • Employee wellness programs and health coaching
  • 24/7 medical telehealth
  • Mental health program including onsite promotion & Mental Health First Aid training
  • 10 visit EAP benefit – in-person or video counseling
  • Air Ambulance – family benefit
  • Hearing Aid coverage up to $3,000 every other calendar year and hearing protection coverage
  • Colonoscopies, Mammograms, PSA screenings – no cost regardless of diagnosis or frequency
  • Physical Therapy & Chiropractic visits at copays only
  • 52 Acupuncture visits per year – no cost up to $80 per visit
  • Non-exclusive Pharmacy network
  • $20,000 employee Life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance policy
  • Retiree coverage available upon request
  • COBRA benefits & administration


Medical Review Committee: To ensure all members receive their valued benefits in a timely manner, the Trust established the Medical Review committee.  The committee stands ready to respond immediately to address medical coverage disputes.

Agency Application Process

In order to apply, your Agency must be defined as a “public agency” under Idaho Code Section §41-4102(9), within the State of Idaho, and not an agency of the state government.

To receive a Medical rate quote from the III-A:

  • Contact the III-A Executive Director and request rating applications.
  • Agency administrator will need to complete the ‘New Agency Application’. This is general information regarding your agency.
  • Each employee will need to complete a ‘Employee Rating Application’. This application requires 4 years of medical and prescription history for the employee and any family members that will potentially be on the plan.  If your agency has over 100 employees, your agency may request claims experience for the current and previous two years from your current carrier in lieu of completing applications. Please note: 100% participation of employees is required on III-A plans (dependents are optional), so therefore we need a rating application from all employees.
  • Submit a copy of your agency’s current medical plan invoice or renewal, and desired effective date for benefits with the III-A.
  • To securely submit forms, please request a secure email from the III-A Executive Director or fax to: 208-575-6423
  • The information will be reviewed and medical unwriting is used to create rates. Upon completion, your agency will receive a proposal from the III-A or an email explaining that your membership has been declined. This process will take 8 to 10 days from receipt of the completed applications and required documents.
  • If your agency chooses to accept the III-A Proposal, your governing board will sign a Joint Powers Agreement (JPA) and Participation Agreement – which requires an initial three-year commitment, and after that membership is renewed annually – and send these documents to the Executive Director.
  • The Board of Trustees will meet to accept the signed JPA.


*Please contact the III-A Executive Director with any questions:
Amy Manning:  or 208-317-2814