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III-A Winter 2023 Newsletter

– NEW 2023 Wellness Wednesday Schedule

– Wondr Digital Weight Loss Program: enroll 1/2-1/15

-Wellness Screenings: What You Need to Know

-2022 Wellness Screening Super Stars

-New Year, New Health Goals


III-A Fall 2022 Newsletter

– Telehealth

-Lower Your Risk of Breast Cancer

-All About Wellness

-Mail Order Pharmacy Program (Savings $)


III-A Spring 2022 Newsletter

-New Benefit: Wellness Wednesdays

-5 Habits to Prevent Type II Diabetes

-Preventative Cancer Screenings

-Free Self-Care Toolkit


III-A Fall 2021 Newsletter

-Wellness Screening Highlights

-III-A First Responders Save Neighborhoods

-Creating a Cultural Shift for First Responders

-About COVID-19 and the Vaccine



III-A Winter 2020 Newsletter

-III-A Employee Assistance Program

-What is Anxiety

-Vision Coverage Update