Mental and Physical Wellness

Introduction To Wellness
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COVID-19 Prevention
Diabetes Management
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Hormone Therapy
III-A Wellness Program
Prostate Specific Antigen Blood Test
Finding Balance
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Nutrition on the Go!
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The Importance of Prevention
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Healthy Coping, Healthy Lifestyle
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Sleep Hygiene
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“I Hear You:” Improve Communication
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Goal Setting for Success
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Legitimate Leadership
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10-Minute at Home or Office Workouts
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Proof That Food IS Medicine
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Nutritional Weight Loss Part 1
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III-A Benefits

Benefits Overview
Medical Telehealth
 Employee Assistance Program
First Responder Helpline
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Member Testimonies

III-A Member Testimonies
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Not Just a Health Care Trust
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III-A “The Best Service Ever”
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Truly Caring for Our People
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Rich and Enhanced Benefits
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Real People! No Automation!
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III-A’s Emphasis on Mental Health
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Flawless Claims!
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Personable Experience
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Medical Review Committee: Amazing
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Nampa Police Dept.: Officer Daniels
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