The Impact of Employee Wellness Screenings

Unfortunately, it is proven – people don’t value their health until they lose it. That is one of the many reasons why we need your help promoting wellness screenings this fall! Getting all employees and their spouses in for a wellness screening could save their life – or quality of life. Getting preventive care reduces the risk of diseases, disabilities, and death. At III-A, we take prevention very seriously. We want all of our members to feel their best and have a top-notch quality of life!

Top 5 reasons why your employees need to get their wellness screening:

  1. Helps develop a baseline for health. It is so important to ‘know your numbers’ so you can maintain your health and take preventable measures, and also as a starting point if there are any abnormal values or rising values year after year.
  2. Assess risk for future health issues, and help prevent or earlier treat major diseases and health conditions. If you are seeing numbers slowly change, your Primary Care Provider (PCP) can advise you on lifestyle changes, order additional testing or refer you to a specialist, and/or prescribe medication to get these numbers back in a healthy range.
  3. Can help catch major conditions early like diabetes, heart disease and cancers. The earlier they are caught, the more likely they are treatable, which can help promote a better quality of life!
  4. A great time to get vaccinated! Staying up on vaccines is important to prevent certain diseases, like the annual influenza vaccine which can prevent or decrease the severity of the annual flu.
  5. One-on-one time with a medical provider. Developing a relationship with a PCP is very important; mostly so they have a good understanding of your medical and family medical history, and can properly consult and better treat you if any conditions arise.


“After I got my results from the wellness screening, and spoke with the provider, I knew I had to make lifestyle changes or I was going to soon need a few prescriptions. I had elevated cholesterol, triglyceride, and my A1C was creeping up there…I’ve lost 25 lbs and feel the best I have in years. I am excited to see my blood results this coming Fall to see how they compare. I am very thankful for these wellness programs that the III-A provides.”  ~III-A Member


Employee Incentives

We encourage you to provide employee incentives for signing up and completing their wellness screening when III-A Nurse Practitioners are onsite. Some ideas others have done successfully include:

  • Promoting signing up at staff meetings leading up to the wellness screening day
  • Drawings for those who complete their wellness screening
  • Gift cards, PTO, lunch, etc for employees who complete their wellness screening
  • Onsite 15-minute massages for those who complete their wellness screening
  • One Hour of Earned Leave or PTO
  • Entering in a large raffle item

The list is endless to encourage your employees to be preventative in their health! Have fun with it! III-A will be reaching out in the next couple of months to schedule wellness screenings for the fall.