Digital Physical Therapy Program

We want to remind you about Hinge Health’s digital exercise therapy programs to support joint and muscle health. Hinge Health is a no-cost benefit available to employees and covered dependents 18+ who are enrolled in a Blue Cross of Idaho medical plan through III-A. Here are some tips from Hinge Health to help you jumpstart your journey to better health. Whether you’ve experienced a recent injury, are dealing with ongoing joint or muscle pain, or simply want to prevent injury, Hinge Health provides personalized exercise therapy you can do from home. Learn more and sign up for no cost today.

Learn more about the Hinge Health Digital Physical Therapy Program here!


Pain relief, plain and simple

Start your digital exercise therapy program today. No commutes. No waiting rooms. Just pain relief.

A personalized program

Get unlimited exercises and stretches developed for you by physical therapists. Reduce your pain with a plan that’s personalized for your needs, goals, and ability.

Dedicated physical therapist, coach, and more

Partner with a care team that includes a physical therapist and qualified health coach. Connect via text, email, phone call, or video chat to ask questions, set goals, and more.

Convenient exercise sessions

With the Hinge Health app, you can do your exercise therapy anytime, anywhere. Plus, your exercises are designed so they can be done in about 15 minutes or less.



Eligibility: Members and dependents 18+ enrolled in the Blue Cross of Idaho medical plan through III-A are eligible.