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To provide the best quality and structure of health benefit plans and services to our agencies’ employees by directly managing the costs and administration of those benefit plans through a cooperative pool in a manner that will be more efficient, economical and competitive than what the market can offer through traditional insurance providers.



To provide the best and most affordable health benefit plans possible to local government agencies throughout the State of Idaho.

To assist agencies to attract and retain quality employees in the local government sectors through the provision of affordable and quality health benefit plans.


III-A Team

Amy Manning, Executive Director


Lisa Fritz, Benefits Manager


Susan Lasuen, Operations Manager


Megan Smith, Wellness Manager & Data Analyst


Nicole Tuttle, Benefits Specialist


Kandice Dickinson, Marketing Specialist

Controlling Costs for III-A Agencies

Participation in the III-A represents a meaningful opportunity for reducing and stabilizing the cost of employee benefits for all Agencies.

True Cost Rates means contributions paid in excess of actual expenses become reserves used to reduce future rate increases, not insurance company profits.

Spreading the Risk among all Agencies means costs are less for the Agency.

Transparent Contracts guarantee quality services, competitive pricing, and performance accountability.

Strength in Numbers has proven successful in cost savings opportunities for all Agencies.

Innovative Benefits have resulted in cost savings

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